Daily Bookmarks 10/21/2008

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  1. Neeka, I know this request is out of nowhere, but we have all been reading reports that the financial crisis is really starting to hurt the average Russian on the street. For example, I hear many banks are making it very hard for people to withdraw money, and others are simply refusing the request outright. Could you perhaps describe for us a brief picture of what, if anything, you personally have seen? Дякую!

  2. It doesn't really show yet, as far as I can see. I've heard of people who've chosen to withdraw their money from the banks, just to be safe, and I've also heard that some of those who have outstanding loans are beginning to have certain problems with their banks. Also, that many people are losing their jobs. I'm yet to start reading seriously on this, so maybe I'll have more to say on this later.

    In Kyiv, hryvnia went from 4.7-something to 5.2-something while I was there half a month ago (don't quote me on this, though, I'm terrible at remembering figures - but it was something like that). One bank employee told me that the exchange rate was rumored to reach 5.8 by the end of the year (he said it when $1 cost 5.05 UAH, and that seemed wild, but a few days later, it no longer did)...

    P.S. A friend has shared this link today - from the Ukrainska Pravda forum, in Russian (thank you, Marinushka!):